Character Generation Overview

In the Whispers in the Dark Campaign, the horrors of the night become undeniably real as the you undertake a journey that will decide the future of a nation. This guide will aid you in preparing for this campaign by providing background on the nation of Ustalav, from its traumatic history to its superstitious citizens, who struggle to eke out a living while holding back the darkness. Within, you will find suggestions for creating characters of all races and classes in the context of the Whispers in the Dark Campaign. Also included are a variety of unique campaign traits to consider when crafting your backstories.

The idea of this character creation portion is to establish a firm backstory tied closely with Professor Lorrimor as well as other characters.

We are looking for seperate reasons why you became involved with working for the Professor, as well as a shared history of working with each other. This shared history should stretch to a period of 5 years, having ended about 3 years ago as you went about your seperate interests and studies.

Campaign Traits
Ustalav Overview

Character Generation Overview

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